by Rich HerreraBy Rich Herrera

Mr. Know-It-All has some random thoughts about The Masters’ final round.

The Masters Final round was so much fun to watch. The drama, the nervousness, the pressure and joy of the final round at Augusta National is second to none. The two-hole playoff was high drama and both golfers deserve a golf clap and a high five for putting on such a great display. Watching Adam Scott thinking he won it only to have Angel Cabrera tie it in regulation is something we can only get at The Masters. Hats off to both of them they are both great champions.

I want to know what possess someone at a PGA event to scream at the top of their lungs something redonkulus (yes I used a word as stupid as the things they yell after a Tiger tee shot). Imagine the stories they can tell everyone back at the office. “Dude it was so epic I am standing like 4 feet from Tiger Woods on his second shot on the 9th hole. He has to choose to lay up or go for the green. So he pulls out his iron and gets ready to address the ball, I am so like pumped up being right there with Tiger, and as he strikes the ball and begins his back swing I was sooooooo money bro I screamed out “Better than my grandma’s panties” Yes that’s right I was the first to scream after he hit his shot I was like maybe 5 nano seconds ahead of the loser who screamed “get in the hole” what a total loser yeah right like “get in the hole” is even in the same league as my patented “Better than my grandma’s panties” line. And you will never guess bro, what happened next, YESSSSSS Tiger looked at me and shook his head, yeahhhhhhh that’s right bro Tiger looked at me and shook his head, ohh dude it was so cool. I pulled out my IPad and looked at my sling box and yeah buddy you can hear my voice right there on TV. Oh yeah I was sooooo awesome. I have no idea why the marshal called the police and had me kicked out, it was so wrong so bogus. BUT HEY DID ANY OF YOU HAVE TIGER SHAKE HIS HEAD AT THEM. Nope I think not … I AM SO COOL who wants to go to Red Lobster for lunch.

Speaking of Tiger I am almost glad he finished 4 behind. If he had been 2 back after the two-stroke penalty Good Golly Miss Molly Tiger, fans would have been screaming how he got the short end of the stick. Look I like Tiger and he is the best golfer on the planet. But I will tell you he doesn’t need anyone you or anyone else defending him after the two-stroke penalty. Truth be told, golf is a gentleman’s game with rules and tradition. How much would you have respected him if he stood up and said you know your right I signed an incorrect scorecard and since this is a game of honor I will DQ myself even though I did not do anything intentionally. That would have been something to talk about.