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There has been an ongoing saga and debate surrounding the Buccaneers and cornerback Eric Wright’s guaranteed money in his contract.

After filing an appeal, which was denied, Eric Wright’s guaranteed money is no longer guaranteed and the Buccaneers can release him at any time without having to pay Wright a dime.

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The Buccaneers have not released Eric Wright to date, which could lead to many explanations:

-The Buccaneers feel Wright is already the best cornerback on the market.

-The Buccaneers might be willing to hold onto Wright until all other cornerbacks are signed to force him to take less money to stay with them.

-Perhaps, Eric Wright is one of the best recruiters the team has.


According to Eric Wright’s blog, Wright played a significant role in luring Dashon Goldson to Tampa Bay.

I told him about Tampa. It’s not to say that Tampa didn’t do their job as far as going out and getting him and paying him, and all that stuff. But of course, when he’s going over his options, he’s going to ask me about Tampa. I told him it would be a great place for him to continue his career and continue his success as a football player. And obviously, it would help the team.

Dashon Goldson, who’s interview with The Commish Justin Pawlowski will air Friday morning at 10:00, echoed Wright’s sentiments.

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“Before my visit {to Tampa Bay} I reached out to Eric Wright who’s a good friend of mine,” Dashon Goldson said. “I just asked him about the city, how is the team and the mindset, how were the players in the locker room, and the coaching staff, and he had nothing but good things to say.”

Despite losing his appeal to the Buccaneers, it does appear that Wright would like to return for another season with the Bucs.

The difference in this game is millimeters and milliseconds. So when you have those little things, nagging injuries, things change and you have to make different decisions. This year I expect to play with a lot more bounce, a lot more energy, look a lot more youthful.

That’s what they brought me in for, and frankly, that’s what I know I can do. They brought me in because they know I can do it, and I hope they still have that confidence in me. I would like to be back, and will continue to express that until something happens where I’m not a Buccaneer.

Goldson understands the situations Wright put himself into in 2012, but feels he has turned things around.

“I know he dealt with some injuries and some other circumstances, but I think as a young player, things like that come about,” Goldson said of Wright’s 2012 season. “I think he’s doing a good job of handling that now. He understands where he’s at and what needs to be done.”

Goldson continued in his interview with Justin Pawlowski to say that Wright might just need some help, and that he might just be the guy to help him.

“I definitely feel that I can be the person that can help guide him and be a positive role model and help him get back to that player he was and I know he can be.”

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