By Kirk McEwen

I’m sitting here wallowing in Free Agent Frenzy, loving the intermittent action, wondering what it all means. Just now the Lions announced Reggie Bush will play on Thanksgiving Day in the blue and silver of Detroit. They got their man, but does it really matter? They’re the LIONS, for God’s sake. They’ve sucked forever, they’ll continue to suck forever. They can make as big a splash as they want in the free agent ocean and it won’t change facts: some teams are better than others at the “science” of football.

I don’t mean to pick on the Lions, and obviously, they aren’t the only team steeped in ineptitude, but think about it. When’s the last time the Lions were good? Half decent? They’ve had more first round picks than a ten-year old with an itchy scab and what has their brass been able to do? Nothing! Have fun, Reggie! Detroit’s where NFL dreams go to die. Matthew Stafford and Megatron are nice but there’s no winning pedigree in Detroit and to think they’ll somehow suddenly learn how to win is laughable.

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Same thing in Cleveland. They have a team. They lose a team. They get another team. Same result! Good luck to Paul Kruger, the Ravens defensive end who just got a ring and left for the money that the Browns deemed him worthy of. Kruger’s a nice player and all, but Cleveland? Sometimes I wonder if players actually do their homework when deciding on a team and their commitment to winning. Kruger could’ve gotten paid by any number of teams but landed with the Browns who will start again with yet another new coach this season.

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See, some teams know how to win. They get the “science” of football and their staff reflects it from top to bottom. Look at the Giants or the Packers. The Steelers, Ravens or Patriots. These teams have made a commitment to winning and are always around the prize whether they win it or not. When’s the last time any one of these organizations has sucked? I know. Even when they’re out of the playoff picture it’s not by much because they have the pieces in place to succeed. Every team should be so lucky.

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The Buccaneers are curious because they’ve been to the mountain top. They’ve hoisted the Lombardi Trophy so they know what it takes to be the best. Have they achieved greatness lately? Absolutely not, but there is hope around One Buc Place. This team did a cannon ball into the free agent pool last year, landing Jackson, Nicks, and Wright to go with a shiny new coach and solid draft picks. Then injuries and suspensions snuffed out what was looking to be a promising season. Will they get the help they so desperately need to shore up that porous secondary? Probably. Will that make them a playoff team? We’ll just have to wait and see. I know one thing. The Bucs aren’t the Lions or the Browns…