By Kirk McEwen

It seems that everybody has an opinion on Tiger Woods, and I’m no different. I remember all the trash that fell at his feet in 2009: hookers and servers and skanks, OH MY! And to be clear, it was all at Tiger’s doing. It not only nearly broke an intensely proud and private man, it destroyed his marriage. Or did it? Word is that Tiger and his estranged wife Elin have decided to give it another go at the urging of their daughter Sam. This is where people feel the need to jump in with their two cents on the subject. Here’s mine…

None of us can even begin to imagine what it must be like to be one of history’s most recognizable and analyzed athletes. None of us. The man, though out of this world on the course, is very much human the other 19 hours of the day. He gave in to temptation, paid the price financially as well as emotionally, and is attempting a reconciliation with the only woman he ever loved enough to marry. If they can find it in their hearts to put the man’s infidelity behind them and make their family nuclear once again, then that’s good enough for me. At least when WE slip up it’s not debated and dissected by pundits and commoners on every TV and street corner. I know this much. Golf is such a mental game, when the mind is off the game soon follows. Remember when Tiger’s mind was at ease and his game was on fire? Yeah, me too. Here’s to Tiger and Elin! May she return home soon and his swagger shortly thereafter…


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