By Roxanne Wilder

Miami Heat (30-14)

The Miami Heat are enjoying their longest streak in franchise history―15 wins in a row. And that marks the eighth-longest win streak in NBA history. Tonight they play the abysmal 5-25 Magic. This is one of those rare match-ups where we can practically call the game won by the Heat before tip-off.

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The Chicago Blackhawks are the talk of the NHL based on their 20-0-3 record. And what about the odds that an NHL team will do this again anytime soon?.. Don’t count on this happening for another 700 years. With each additional win the Hawks notch, a local restaurant will dole out free deep fried Oreos, which happen to look like hockey pucks, in celebration.

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So which team impresses you most? The Heat or the Hawks? I’ll give you two final arguments for each: Miami’s current run is superior to any game spans during the D-Wade/Shaq Attack. And to add to the improbability of the Hawks consecutive wins…believe it or not, Hawks have taken 12 one-goal games. But now you decide. Are you feeling the Heat or admiring the Hawks?

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