In the days following the horrific events that left 20 children and 6 adults dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, a new debate erupted in the United States: Should teachers be allowed to carry guns? The voices were loud on both sides of the argument.

Locally, some Pinellas county educators have already enrolled in a new concealed weapons permit class designed for them specifically. The class is being taught by a local company that, despite the fact teachers cannot legally bring a gun into a Florida classroom, is offering teachers a discounted rate. Designed to increase safety, the four-hour course teaches best practices in handling firearms and allows the permit holder the option to keep a concealed gun on their person.

No stranger to citizens carrying guns, Florida has issue more concealed weapons permits than any other state in the country. Some fear that too many people already carry guns and that adding to that number is not the answer, while others believe that teachers are the last line of defense against an attack like Newtown.

For the record: according to the Tampa Bay Times, 53 teachers have already registered for the training.

Does this make you nervous, our do you feel that children will be safer in class? Vote in our poll below.


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