For pop music sensation Justin Bieber, many would believe that life is all glamor, Victoria’s Secret models and hot new cars. However, the sultan of swag down with Oprah Winfrey and revealed very that being Justin Bieber is actually not a non-stop party.

Bieber told Winfrey that it’s hard to trust many people but he has three close friends that he spends time with. Only three! He doesn’t name any names, but clearly they must include Cody Simpson and Niall from One Direction. He also told Winfrey, in regards to “the winds” of change that people need to realize that he’s “…not changing, just getting older.” Bieber also suggested that fans want to see the “old Justin” rather than a grown up more sophisticated Justin. Could the Biebs already be bitter at only 18?

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The duo also got into his romance with Selena Gomez, which has certainly played out in the media. Bieber sat down with Winfrey before the onset of his alleged dumping by Gomez so his answers may seem a little out of date — but he did tell the big O about the measures he and Gomez have taken to keep their relationship private. He also told Winfrey that it was Gomez’ genuine spirit and personality as well as good heart that made him fall in love with her…awwwww! 

Bieber even told Winfrey the care that goes into protecting his voice. He said that in order to protect his pipes, he has a humidifier in the back of his bus that constantly moisturizes the air he breathes. He also drinks plenty of water and he tries not to yell a lot. He admitted that he never goes on “silence diets” but does monitor his “yelling”.

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And, deep down, Bieber thought he might be a hockey player but he knew he wasn’t good enough. AWWWWWWWW.

Bieber also shared with Winfrey his FAVORITE THINGS The movie Rocky, afternoon (he’s not a morning person!), spaghetti and meatballs. And his most regretted Tweet, below. Scandal sidestepped!

Do you feel like you know the Biebs even better now that he’s been through the Oprah grinder?

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-Cicely C. Mitchell, Hot 95.7/Houston