It’s an unexpected collaboration.

50 Cent has joined forces with Eminem and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine on his new track “My Life.” While 50 Cent and Eminem rap about the struggles fame can bring, Adam Levine provides the soulful falsetto on the chorus.

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“My life makes me wanna run away but there’s no place to go/All the confusion it’s an illusion like a movie/Got nowhere to go, nowhere to run and hide/No matter how hard I try,” Adam sings.

Last night, 50 Cent debuted the first official single from his upcoming album Street King Immortal, “My Life,” on a live episode of The Voice. Today, he released the music video.

The self-described “aggressive” rapper may seem like an unlikely pairing with Levine, but 50’s been a fan for quite awhile.

“We were coming up at the same time and they asked me what do I like. I said Maroon 5 because I just heard the song [“She Will Be Loved”] and I [wanted to know], ‘What is that [song]?’” he told 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles.

Once he secured Levine for the hook, he headed off to Detroit to team up with Eminem. The hip hop greats have collaborated before on lesser-known tracks, but this time around, 50 Cent is determined to make a hit record.

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“We went into the studio and I said, ‘No, we gotta make a single,'” he explained. “I found a space that kind of meets the Slim Shady, not the Marshall Mathers, but the Slim Shady side of Em when he starts to get in that pocket…It just makes a great collaboration every time we did it.”

On the track, 50 raps of how he went from “filthy to filthy rich.” A fighter, writer, and entrepreneur he says, “This is my recovery, my comeback kid.”

Meanwhile, the ethereal and gospel-esque sounds heard at the beginning of “My Life” follow throughout the video as each artist is shown running from the spotlight that they just can’t seem to escape, no doubt a metaphor for all their lives.

“The video is kind of abstract; it’s kind of metaphoric in a sense, like the paranoia of feeling like we’re being chased,” Eminem told MTV News.

Street King Immortal is currently slated for a February 2013 release.

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-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles with additional reporting by Annie Reuter