By Rich Herrera

Mr. Know-It-All

By Rich Herrera

Mr. Know-It-All loves this time of year.  When the temps in Florida dip into the 80’s it just screams Holiday season.  Women like Monika the Update Hamster break out their Ugg Boots to wear with short skirts and you know it is time for Turkey day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boat Parades, a visit from Santa, and then the Outback Bowl.  This time of the year always gets away from me. I look and say what happened as I try and hang the last of my Christmas decorations at 8 pm on December 24th.  So this year I propose we slow down and take a moment to enjoy the holidays, the goodwill towards men, and the company of friends and family.  50 years from now will anyone remember that you worked that extra day right before Christmas?  But they will remember that you surprised the family by doing something special years from now.

So in the vain Mr. Know-It-All here are a few things that he is Thankful for in sports to begin the holiday season.

Mr. Know-It-All is thankful for College Football.  College football this season has been a roller coaster ride from the opening weekend.  You want reality TV with true drama give me the SEC, PAC 12, ACC, and Big 12.  Last weekends late games on Saturday night with K State and Oregon both losing the top two spots in college football was better than anything you would ever see come out of Hollywood in a long long long time.

Mr. Know-It-All is tha

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nkful for the stirring passion of the Bucs Fans.  Although I do need to come up with a better name for the Bucs fan, and no don’t call the show with your idea for nicknames for the Bucs fans, I still am shaking my head at some of the ideas I heard for replacing the muscle hamster.  Seeing Bucs football being relevant again and seeing people getting excited for this version of the Bucs is great for the bay Area.

Mr. Know-It-All is thankful for Joe Maddon.  I recently read that Joe Maddon was not overly concerned about the Blue Jays mega deal.  Other teams would be knee jerking and going nuts over the balance of power changing in the AL East.  But don’t count Joe Cool on that list.   A great leader keeps his head about him when all others are losing theirs.  Some where in So Cal Joe is wearing a pair of board shorts with a glass of red from some little known vintner and his mind is at work coming up with a plan, and idea that will keep the Rays in the thick of things with a little luck and bounce here and there going Tampa Bay’s way.

Mr. Know-It-All is thankful for the men and women in uniform of the United States Military who keep us safe everyday, he is also thankful that the American people are more vocal showing their support for this heroes so this season, when you see a service person in the airport buy them lunch, pick up their tab, shake their hand buy them a beer and let them know they are appreciated

Mr. Know-It-All is thankful for all the people in his life, from his wonderful and supportive family who are there for him everyday not matter what.

Mr. Know-It-All is thankful for true friends that have been with him and stood by him over the last 12 months through some good times and rough times.  It is true that good friends and people of character are there for you when you really need them.  You might not know it, but when the chips are down we all have people that are there for you if you just let them in to be there for you.

Mr. Know-It-All is thankful for his new job and all the wonderful people around him 987 The Fan.  The crew he gets to work with everyday is amazing.  He is Thankful for his new radio partner Booger McFarland whose hard work inspires him to work harder everyday.  Mic Flag is a tremendous young man who is going to be special in radio one day.  And Mr. Know-It-All thinks Monika the Update Hamster is a rock star.

Mr. Know-It-All is very thankful for all the folks at CBS Radio and all the hard work they do everyday.  And last but not least Mr. Know-It-All is thankful for all the great sports fans of the Bay Area who have been so great me oops I mean him for so many years talking baseball and now sports every afternoon on 987 The Fan.  I am humbled by your support and friendship and will work even harder for you in 2013.