Recapping last night’s recap: performances! Impressing the judges! That girl in Adam’s face! The Titanic theme song! Team Blake has “this thing!” Team Cee Lo is all dudes, how did that happen? As Xtina says, “it’s our last three, we’re down to the wire.” Let’s see how America voted! And you voted a lot, Carson Daly informs us that last night’s show generated more votes than last year’s finale. Impressive!

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Oh yes, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo hop on stage to the opening of a Shakira song — don’t forget, Shakira is hopping in to take Xtina’s place next season guys, while she heads out on tour to support Lotus. We open on Xtina lounging and looking very “Moulin Rouge” meets Marie Antoinette. Cee Lo is on a stage above her looking very Egyptian. They’re doing their new single, “Make The World Move” and it’s pretty great. Xtina can seriously pull off a pair of thigh high boots. Honestly, if you looked back at “Dirrty” now, you’d say she looks cooler today.

Back to the live eliminations — but first, a chat with our coaches!

Adam Levine says: That America has 100% control SUCKS! No, just kidding just jokes just a control freak! Double edged sword is the final verdict.

Cee Lo Green says: Of last night’s performances, he likes Terry, Dez and Nicholas and Trevor (so his own team and one guy from Blake’s team).

Christina Aguilera says: Let’s not forget, Lotus came out today! (Okay, Carson said that.) She really says, her biggest competition all season has been all over the place so don’t count anyone out.

Blake Shelton says: Check out my vest! No, really — he says he trusts America’s vote if his whole team makes it past this vote. Otherwise, your’e wrong.

CONFESSIONAL PACKAGES! In summary: The Voice has dramatically changed everyone’s life. And Cody’s fans call themselves Cody’s Cougars.

DOWN TO BIDNESS — let’s start with the saves, because The Voice is sweet like that!

SAFE: Bryan (Team Adam) & Sylvia (Team Xtina)

And now, a quick break for a performance by Jason Aldean for “The Only Way I Know” — the man’s a country superstar who’s collaborated with Kelly Clarkson and Ludacris, but he still might be one of the first people to seriously and properly rock a straw cowboy hat on The Voice stage. On his album this track features fellow country stars Luke Bryant and Eric Church, but tonight Bryan and Dez step in to assist.

When the performance wraps, Carson brings out the 10 remaining artists to see who else is…

SAFE: Nicholas (Team Cee Lo) & Dez (Team Xtina)

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Apparently America is tormenting Team Blake!

Before we can SAVE anyone else we’ve gotta check in with Christina Milian (first time this season?), who is holding Jason Aldean and the safe contestants so far hostage. The best part: Jason Aldean calls out Blake’s former mullet. Here’s a picture:

(Rusty Russell/Getty Images)

Oh yeah, Cee Lo takes the stage to perform the BeeGees classic “Stayin’ Alive.” And he’s doing it in a wig. Oh and Team Cee Lo are his back up singers all in ’70s costumes. BEST THING EVER ON TELEVISION. What’s so great about Cee Lo is how utterly twisted he is. I mean, he flashed the camera his belly when the song was done. For real.

Now on to…

SAFE: Trevin (Team Cee Lo) & Cassidy (Team Blake)

And now, Blake performs Tom Cochran’s “Life Is A Highway” with his team. Carson says for the first time all season, how is that possible? Doesn’t matter, Blake’s on guitar so get it boy. It’s surprisingly lacking in spectacle or…um, being interesting. Not to mention fun. Could Blake be just not that into his team?

Anyway, back to the six remaining contestants to find out who is…

SAFE: Terry (Team Blake) & Amanda (Team Adam)

Time for one more commercial break before we find out who will be the last two…

SAFE: Cody (Team Cee Lo) & Melanie (Team Adam)

Pretty mean that America sent home a member of Team Xtina on her album release day. Way to go, guys. And props to Xtina for sticking with the curly pink wig for the full show. And you made the mohawked member of Team Blake actually cry on national TV. I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY AMERICA.

We’ll be back to kill some more dreams next weeks with the top 10!

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-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local