Last week, the live playoff eliminations between each team on The Voice came to an end. Tonight the remaining 12 contestants took to the stage one by one to impress the judges and win over America.

After the show, viewers have the option to call in and cast their vote for the singer they want to see advance to the next round.

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Voting will take place until 10 AM. The results will be revealed at the start of tomorrow night’s episode, where two performers will be eliminated.

Team Blake
Contestant: Michaela Page
Sings: P!nk “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”
This high school senior may have a similar edgy style to P!nk with her short blonde pixie haircut, but lacks stage presence. At times her voice was flat. She could have utilized the entire stage to make her performance more energetic. Overall, it would have been much stronger.

Judges Take: “You’re my favorite to watch during this competition. You have such a strong voice that doesn’t sound fluffy,” said Christina.

Team Christina
Contestant: Dez Duron
Sings: Frankie Valli “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”
This former Yale football player has smooth moves on the field and on the stage. He maintains great high energy throughout his performance and hits every note. You can feel his emotions through his vocals and mannerisms. He even interacts with the audience a bit.

Judges Take: “I think you found an avenue with this. You were all over the place before, but you found a style with this. This was your best performance,” said Adam.

Team Christina
Contestant: Adriana Louise
Sings: Carrie Underwood “Good Girl”
This Brooklyn native was sassy and playful on the stage. She has a strong voice, but at times her high notes seemed forced. She was even daring enough to go over to Judge Adam and serenate him.

Judges Take: “There were times when I thought it was forced, but thanks for coming over,” said Adam.

Team Ceelo
Contestant: Cody Belew
Sings: Tina Turner “Simply The Best”
This soulful singer has great stage presence and carried out his whole performance with high energy. He has a strong voice.

Judges Take: “One of the best natural performers left in this competition and that’s part of your success,” said Adam.

Team Adam
Contestant: Amanda Brown
Sings: Florence + the Machine “Spectrum”
This Bronx native’s voice was shaky and whiney at times. Even though she only had a small amount of the stage to work with she didn’t utilize it very well. She barely moved any other part of her body other than her arms, causing her to lack in stage presence.

Judges Take: “I didn’t realize how many sounds you have to your voice. There’s that little break in there that sounds country, there’s rock. And you stuck your leg out there and that made all of us guys happy,” said Blake.

Team Adam
Contestant: Bryan Keith
Sings: Amy Winehouse “Back to Black”
This self taught musician has a strong voice raspy voice similar to Sinatra. He had great stage presence and definitely displayed his talent.

Judges Take: “I think you just took the lead for team Adam,” said Blake.

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Team Blake
Contestant: Cassadee Pope
Sings: Kelly Clarkson “Behind These Hazel Eyes”
This former punk rock singer started off really soft and maintained a medium volume throughout. Besides sounding off key, she did hit one really good high note. Unlike any of the others in the competition, she strummed a guitar every so often.

Judges Take: “That was my favorite preformance from you thus far. I listened to your story and I felt your heart,” said Christina.

Team Ceelo
Contestant: Trevin Hunte
Sings: Percy Sledge “When A Man Loves A Woman”
This high school student has a powerful, soulful voice. He hits the high notes of this song so perfectly. His emotions pour out of him throughout the performance.

Judges Take: “You have a gift from God I’ve never heard before. You always bring down the house,” said Adam.

Team Adam
Contestant: Melanie Martinez
Sings: Young The Giant “Cough Syrup”
This stylish chick has a unique raspy voice emitting a fresh sound. All of her passion and emotion can be felt through her ability to project. Overall, great performance.

Judges Take: “You have something that’s all your own. There’s only one Melanie in this competition. You’re specatular,” said Adam.

Team Ceelo
Contestant: Nicholas David
Sings: Huey Lewis & the News “Power of Love”
This former country band member has a strong soulful voice. His stage presence is immense and has lots of energy. You just want to bop to the beat and sound of his voice.

Judges Take: “There’s no better success then the realization of self and you represnt that so well,” said Ceelo.

Team Christina
Contestant: Sylvia Yacoub
Sings: Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On”
This Egyptian native has a smooth soothing voice perfect for this song. Her high notes were incredible and the emotion was evident. Overall, great performance for such a prominent song.

Judges Take: “This is why I am so proud of you. You are fearless. You have such a rich voice,” said Christina.

Team Blake
Contestant: Terry McDermott
Sings: Boston “More Than A Feeling”
This Scottish singer blew everyone away with his strong voice and ability to hit the high notes. He his voice resembled that of Boston’s lead singer.His energy level throughout the performance really sealed the deal.

Judges Take: “You really are one of those guys who is just special. The way that you represnet classic rock and stay true to who you are,” said Blake.

Stay tuned for tomorrow night’s episode when all the results are in and two contestants are eliminated bringing us one step closer to finding The Voice.

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-Maria Bonello, 92.3 NOW/New York