Earlier today, Mumford & Sons demonstrated just why they’ve been a band on everybody’s lips. During Kevin & Bean’s Breakfast with Mumford & Sons Webcast at KROQ/Los Angeles, the band showcased their twangy Americana mixed with their classic, romantic British lyricism.

Ben Lovett said that the band is “pretty proud of their British roots and like to keep things that way as much as possible,” especially when it came to hiring the Wire‘s Idris Alba to direct and star in the music video for “Lover of the Light.”

The British actor, who does a convincing American accent for his role on the hit television show, offered his services and the band happily accepted because they “hate doing music videos.”

After all, they signed up to be musicians, not on-screen actors.

During their set, the band performed a slew of their hits like “I Will Wait,” “Roll Away Your Stone, “Ghosts That We Know,” “The Cave,” and “Where Are You Now.”

Photo= Gabriel Olsen

In between songs, the band told the story behind some of their songs. In fact, “Where Are You Now” was created from a game called ‘ten songs’ where the band tries to write ten songs in six hours. The band went on to explain that they haven’t departed from their early roots.

“I don’t think there’s one thing that we can’t do now that we did before,” confessed Marcus Mumford. “Also, we’re always on tour, so nothing’s changed really. We just play gigs all the time.”

Mumford seemed the most excited when an audience member told him that her fiancé proposed to her at one of their shows. She went on to inform him that they are getting married in March of 2014, and that their invite is in the mail.

Would Mumford & Sons be the house wedding band?

A newlywed himself, Mumford pawed his chin mischievously and said in a Dr. Evil voice, “We’ll definitely be there…for one million dollars.”

Photo= Gabriel Olsen

-Nadia Noir, KROQ/Los Angeles