Busy promoting his new single “Here With You,” a song he co-wrote with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Asher Monroe has a few more big names up his sleeve for his new album. Earlier this month he took to Twitter to let fans know he’s been in the studio with Chris Brown and producer Verse Simmonds of Jugganauts.

Asher spoke with CBS Local about what it was like working with Ryan on “Here With You.”

“His creative process is so amazing to watch in person. He comes up with ideas so fast,” he said. “Especially with my ideas bouncing off of his, you get to the end result a lot quicker. He’s super talented. He’s a great producer and an amazing writer. He’s a nice guy too. He’s really genuine but he’s a hard worker.”

Having worked with numerous songwriters, Asher said it’s easy to tell who you’ll get along with inside the studio.

“There’s a certain chemistry that you can feel in a room with somebody in terms of how you write a song and sometimes it’s harder and sometimes it’s easier,” he said. “With him it was really easy for both of us to come together and come up with some great songs. I did two with him on the album.”

Asher took to Twitter earlier this month to let fans know he’s been in the studio with two other well known names.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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