Nick Price’s Bucs Tailgate Mobile (Credit, Amanda Mole)

Most Tampa Bay football fans show their spirit with a Bucs flag and a few decals on their vehicles, but not Nick Price. Nick has been a Bucs fan since 1976 and is such an avid tailgater that he has a van that is used only for tailgate parties. He and some friends created the ultimate tailgating mobile after the Bucs won Super Bowl XXXVII in 2002.

The front of Nick’s tailgate van (Credit, Amanda Mole)

The van is painted red and black and has the Buccaneers logo emblazoned on both sides. Pirate flag decals are on every window and Bucs flags flap in the breeze on the way to the games.

The inside of the tailgate mobile (Credit, Amanda Mole)

One of the most striking things about Nick’s vehicle is that it’s completely gutted out. There are no seats other than the driver’s seat and the entire inside is covered with Buccaneers fabric. The spacious interior is used to transport all kinds of tailgate party goodies such as a portable grill, tons of food, a large tent, chairs, games, a generator and an entertainment system. At night, red neon lights light up the inside. The conversion from boring van to Bucs mobile took a whole weekend’s worth of work.

The back of Nick’s tailgate mobile (Credit, Amanda Mole)

The back of the van remains open at all times and houses a television and stereo system. The TV is connected to a satellite so Nick and his tailgating crew can have all the best in entertainment.

Brian Olson’s tailgating trailer (Credit, Amanda Mole)

Nick always tailgates with his buddy Brian Olson, who also has an impressive tailgate mobile. He has a trailer that attaches to his pick-up truck that is thoroughly decked out in Bucs colors and decals, and even has a Buccaneers license plate. Like Nick’s van, this trailer is only used for tailgate parties. The most unique thing about this trailer is that it is covered in signatures from other tailgaters he has partied with for the last 13 years. There are even signatures from Bucs players John Lynch and Ernest Graham.

Earnest Graham signature (Credit, Amanda Mole)

If you are green with envy over these mind-blowing tailgate mobiles, you can always stop by and visit Nick and Brian in the tailgate lot in Al Lopez Park to ask for some tips.

If you want to spruce up your own vehicle for tailgating parties, you can try some of these simple ideas:

  • Make some removable seat covers out of Buccaneers fabric. This way, you can effectively decorate the interior of your vehicle for tailgating fun and remove it before your return to work on Monday morning.
  • Add some other interior decorations such as Bucs-themed steering wheel covers, floor mats and fuzzy dice. If you don’t want to spring for official Bucs merchandise, you can improvise with red and black ribbons or streamers.
  • Don’t forget the outside. Window decals, magnets, bumper stickers and flags really show off your team spirit.
  • Entertain like a pro. You don’t need a state-of-the-art stereo system to keep the party going. Select some of the hottest beats and get your dancing shoes on.

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Amanda Mole has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. As a Tampa Bay resident for the past 21 years, she is well acquainted with the incredibly diverse range of restaurants, bars and food festivals that the area has to offer. Her work can be found at


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