“Diamonds” is Rihanna’s first single off her upcoming album Unapologetic. A slightly different sound than we’re used to from the Barbadian singer, she said she wanted fans to feel the right emotion though the song.

“It was just the perfect first single, it was a very powerful record,” she told MTV News. “It was hopeful. It was also different from what people are used to hearing for me, I guess what they would expect as a first single.”

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Rihanna said it was important to transfer the song adequately into a music video for the Sia-penned track.

“With ‘Diamonds’ it was just a series of vignettes that we put together to help get the emotion across though out the song because the song changes and it builds,” she said. “You just want people to feel it. I wanted little cutaways of interactions that would give you the right emotion.”

The video sees Rihanna battling the elements — earth, water and fire. As she sings her opening lyrics we see her pulling away from a tattooed man. Perhaps a reference to Chris Brown, the viewer can’t be too sure.

“Find light in the beautiful sea/I chose to be happy/ You and I we’re like diamonds in the sky/ You’re a shooting star I see/ A vision of ecstasy/ When you hold me I’m alive,” she sings.

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Rihanna is soon found running away from the destruction that follows her. Left in a sea of darkness she is only guided by “diamonds in the sky.”

Rihanna says the song mirrors many of the tracks on her upcoming release.

“That’s the whole theme throughout the album. Every song is it’s own story. Every song is special and it means something. It’s very emotional at times but it’s a quite mellow album compared to my previous albums.”

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-Annie Reuter, CBS Local