Led by the wildly popular British band Mumford & Sons, the current explosion of folksy soft rock sounds has made new stars of emerging acts like the Lumineers and Of Monsters And Men.

But none rival the stratospheric success enjoyed by Marcus Mumford and his jangle-happy band. Earning their popularity the old-fashioned way, Mumford & Sons toured incessantly upon the release of their 2010 debut, Sigh No More. Their music reflects growing trends towards more authentic, retro-Americana lifestyles and aesthetics — even though it’s straight out of England.

“Well, it just seemed natural to play our music our way,” Marcus Mumford told Music Snobbery back in 2010. “I don’t think we can form any other type of band but this. We don’t have to try hard to sound like we do. It’s actuality, we didn’t feel like we were apart from the music scene at all. We make music our own way. It’s essential to who we really are.”

After a breakout performance at the 2011 Grammy Awards, where they played alongside folk contemporaries the Avett Brothers and the legendary Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons’ profile grew exponentially, leading to the enormous success of their second album, Babel. Selling more than 600,000 copies in its first week of release, the band’s current sold-out U.S. tour proves that the gentle sound of Mumford & Sons will be sweetening the airwaves for a while.

Tune in Tuesday, November 13th at 10AM PST/1PM EST as Mumford & Sons webcast a very intimate performance along with question and answer session. Watch the exclusive webcast here.

-Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local