If his name sounds familiar, you aren’t the only one who thinks so. Asher Monroe, also known as Asher Book, has been singing and acting for years. A former V Factory boy band member, Asher has also starred in popular TV shows (Parenthood, The Mentalist) and movies (Fame) as well as Broadway productions.

More recently, Asher’s been hard at work on a solo record. His single “Here With You” is a radio friendly track that is sure to get stuck in your head. He sat down with CBS Local to fill us in on how he came to write the track with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and just what is going on in his music video.

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“‘Here With You’ was a fun song to write. I wanted a song that had that anthem-y, dance feel,” he said. “I co-wrote it with Ryan Tedder. We worked in a studio for a good weekend on it. I hadn’t had a song that had that global, dance, uptempo, really feel good song. We just went for it.”

Asher explained that he and Ryan first came up with the hook and then built the verses from there.

“It was a feel good song and I’m really happy how it came out,” he said. “It was the same with the video. I just wanted to make it the house party to be at. I feel like I accomplished that.”

Don’t call it a love song, though. Asher isn’t writing with one special lady in mind.

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“‘Here With You’ is not necessarily towards one person per say. It can be anything,” he said. “That’s why I told a lot of my fans, ‘Send me pictures of anything that represents ‘Here With You’ that you’d want to be with. Whether it’s your family, your friends. Is it a dog or a cat?’ It could be anything. Who do you want to have around you to make you feel like you’re having the best time ever?”

Asher explained that the music video was shot in California by director LK and how it was rare for the director to work with him to make all his ideas come to life.

“There was this amazing house in the Hills in Hollywood, California. It just seemed like the perfect house and I got a bunch of my friends together, we hired some people,” he said. “I just wanted to pack the place full. We got dancer and breakers. I had this concept in mind. I do a lot of the concepts for all my videos. I wanted me to navigate through the party and unfreeze people with my energy.”

“It was fun to see it come to life. I spent weeks with him editing it and doing all the special effects,” he said.

Watch Asher Monroe’s music video for “Here With You” below.

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-Annie Reuter, CBS Local