Gearing up for the release of Lotus next week, Christina Aguilera has had a lot to say about her new album. In an album preview session earlier this week with fans she spoke of her excitement to get her record out.

“As in every record, this is my heart. It’s a labor of love. This is blood sweat and tears and stuff from the heart,” she said. “You’ll hear on this record, I’ve written songs especially for the next generation to hopefully inspire new singers of raw talent and realness.”

While she gave a preview of a few more emotional songs like the poignant “Blank Page” she said expect Lotus to have fun songs too.

“I wanted to make Lotus about freedom,” she said. “It’s a nod also to all my fans out there who are these unbreakable flowers, that’s what Lotus means to me. We’re always going to have our ups and downs and I wanted to speak about that, share that and inspire.”

Xtina said Lotus is about being at a place where she wants to celebrate and “welcome in all the positive light and all the positive energy around me.”

“[It’s] a celebratory record of this time and place and surviving over a decade or so in this business and the rocky roads ahead,” she said. “Lotus [embraces] the woman that I’ve become and helped me appreciate the journey of the last decade.”

In an interview at Billboard’s Film & TV Conference she said that Lotus has allowed her to express her pop side.

“There are a few key songs on the record that some of them stay true to my pop roots, it embraces being a pop star,” she said. “Coming full circle now, over a decade in this business . . . it’s a celebratory time in my life where Lotus helps me to express that.”

Expect a duet with fellow The Voice judge Blake Shelton. Someone she likens to her big brother, she can’t wait for fans to hear the track titled “Just A Fool.”

“‘It’s my first country soul attempt. It’s really exciting. He makes me smile and laugh like no other. He has my back and I have his. I truly adore Blake Shelton,” she said.

Lotus will be released November 13.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local