Pitbull is the latest artist in the music community to show his support for President Obama. Just days after Katy Perry rocked her blue Forward dress at a concert in Milwaukee, Pitbull took the podium in Florida to talk about what it means to be an American.

“It’s an honor and a blessing to be right here today. It feels good to be a hometown Miami county boy right here and just be able to represent for you all up here,” he said. “On a serious note on why I’m here. I’m a first generation Cuban American. I know what my family went through to be able to appreciate the opportunity that this country gives me.”

While Pitbull didn’t perform, he did voice his opinion at the rally.

“We ain’t got to worry about those that dislike and – I don’t like to use this word because to me it’s a bad word – but those that hate,” he said. “All we got to worry about is sticking together and doing this together, and that’s what we’re doing here today. So it doesn’t matter whether we’re, mira, Latino, black, pink, purple, orange, white. It doesn’t matter because we’re all Americans at the end of the day.”

Over the weekend artists including Katy Perry, Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp and Stevie Wonder also showed their support for Obama. Bruce Springsteen and Jay-Z join the president today in Ohio. Currently in Columbus, Ohio, Jay-Z switched the lyrics from “99 Problems” to rap, “I got 99 problems but Mitt ain’t one.”

Meanwhile, John Legend rallied and sang along with voters in Cleveland.

“Our mission is to make sure that we re-elect President Obama. We got to have folks all throughout Washington who are looking out for our interests,” Legend said before singing “Wake Up Everybody.”

Jennifer Lopez also shared her support and joined Latinos for Obama.

“President Obama has had our backs from the beginning so it’s time we get his,” she said.

Lady Gaga continues to show her support for the president on Twitter and the radio.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local