GAINESVILLE, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Every Halloween, one paralyzed veteran wears his uniform without any trouble. This year, however, did not go as well.

U.S. Army veteran Daniel Priotti says he was waiting in line at an area Pita Pit on Thursday when he was attacked, causing him to fall out of his wheelchair.

“I was in line waiting for food, and the next thing I know I’m holding my jaw because it hurt,” Priotti told the Gainesville Sun. “I’m totally shocked that somebody would just come up to me and knock me out.”

According to the paper, Priotti was assaulted by Christopher Dabney, a veteran Marine who was reportedly dressed in a tutu for Halloween.

“Dabney should be stripped of being allowed to be called a Marine,” Priotti said. “This is not something a Marine does – they have more self-control.”

Police arrested Dabney and charged him with abuse of the disabled. The former Marine allegedly thought Priotti was mocking disabled veterans by dressing the way he did for Halloween.

“I could see him saying something to me first – ‘Aw man, that’s messed up being dressed as a disabled veteran’ – and then I could say that I really am a disabled veteran,” Priotti added to the Sun.

Priotti was taken to Shands at the University of Florida for tests, and was released later that night.


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