Just when you thought Psy’s15 minutes of fame were almost over. Now, his song has been forever immortalized into a rain dance.

The breaking news: Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is not even close to disappearing. Whether it’s kids running behind a live news crew to reenact the dance on air or a Twitter storm of Tweets that read “What if Gangnam Style is actually a rain dance?” it seems not even the destruction of a hurricane can subdue the power of “Gangnam Style.”

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Here’s a roundup of all things “Gangnam Style.” While Mashable is debating who originally Tweeted the sentiment, Hurricane Sandy’s Twitter handle got the most attention.

With over 23,000 Retweets and 6,300+ favorites this is the Tweet that got the conversation rolling on Twitter.

Possibly the first group of people to do “Gangnam Style” in the rain was this group of inmates last month. Was their rendition a foreshadowing to Hurricane Sandy?

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When school’s out, it’s time for fun…even if it does mean dancing near danger. These kids livened up a devastating news report and no doubt put smiles on some people’s faces.

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-Annie Reuter, CBS Local