Today Owl City’s Adam Young premiered two new videos. The ever catchy “When Can I See You Again” intertwines footage from the Wreck-It Ralphfilm while “Shooting Star” strips things down and features Adam sitting alone in the middle of a deserted intersection on his keyboard.

“When Can I See You Again,” from Disney’s upcoming animated feature Wreck-It Ralph out on November 2nd, is as much as an advertisement for the movie as it is Owl City’s music. Young starts out playing a makeshift arcade game that he then becomes part of, performing his perfectly pretty pop wallpaper with a back line of neo-cupcake inspired go-go girls dancing up an electric dream. Meanwhile, scenes from the movie cut in and out.

Owl City also released the much anticipated visual setting for “Shooting Star.” As the sun sets on downtown Los Angeles, Adam Young sits in the middle of a deserted intersection pounding the song’s melodic hook into the keys of his Fender Rhodes keyboard.

As he approaches the chorus, multiple shots of bored early twenty-somethings depict loitering and smartphone addiction that’s interrupted as light begins to emanate from their upper torsos. Instead of immediately seeking medical help, they’re inspired to run rampant through the streets of Echo Park, backflipping across rooftops where appropriate.

“When the sun goes down and the lights burn out then it’s time for you to shine/ Brighter than the shooting star so shine no matter where you are/ Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light ’cause it’s time for you to shine/ Brighter than a shooting star so shine no matter where you are tonight,” he sings.

All in all, this is a strong video for a song with a positive message. As it concludes with an aeriel view of downtown LA filled with tiny glowing lights, we’re reminded of Owl City’s breakout hit “Fireflies.” Whether an artistic homage or a happy coincidence, in Adam Young’s room this final scene really ties things together.

–Tim Mudd, Energy 103.7/San Diego