Bruno Mars knows a thing or two about costuming. As last week’s Saturday Night Live guest host he ran through a gamut of costumes, most notably dressing in drag as the sassy 17-year-old booty shaking Crystal Futz.

“If you’re gonna do it, you gotta go full force. I hope you got a laugh,” Mars said when speaking to 102 JAMZ/Orlando about his cross dressing debut. He also admitted that he may bust out the Futz costume again when it comes time for him to dress up for Halloween this year.

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But what about fans who may be looking to put together a Bruno Mars costume for their Halloween excursions this year?

“Everyone knows that I’m tall, so probably some kind of stilts or like some kind of lifts in your shoes,” Mars joked. “Definitely gotta have a good physique — six pack. You gotta be oiled up at all times, because in a lot of my videos I like to put baby oil all over me. You have to have extremely chiseled jaw bone — jaw features. And a great set of hair.”

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Still not taking the whole idea of the Bruno Mars costume very seriously, he concluded with, “I don’t know, like an Oompa Loompa outfit?”

Forget Bruno’s advice. Get yourself a Fedora, a nice pair of shades, some temporary tats, and a dark curly wig. That should put you well on your way to the Bruno Mars look.

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-Brad Haynes, 102 JAMZ/Orlando