Psy has jumped head first into the mainstream since the release of “Gangnam Style.” He’s conducted numerous interviews and answered the questions we expect from anyone who has been pushed into the international spotlight from almost total obscurity.

This time, Psy dropped in for a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and let Redditors tackle the topics. Here are 5 things we learned.

Psy Does Everything

Source: YouTube

Redditor drodenbach: “What’s something that people don’t know about you that you wish they did?”

Psy’s answer: “I compose all my music myself.”

Unlike many pop stars, who have a team in the studio to aid in every aspect of the songwriting and composition process, Psy does it all on his own. That’s right, the sole source for “Gangnam Style” was his brain.

Psy Is Super Serious

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Redditor ao6238: “How do you always manage to keep such a straight face when dancing?”

Psy: “Because I’m serious about my dancing.”

That “Gangnam Style” horse dance is pretty silly. But like everyone who has a job, they take it seriously because they care. Psy is serious about horse dancing.

Psy Likes Tom Cruise

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Redditor Kreamcheez: “Who is one celebrity you want to meet that you haven’t already?”

Psy: “Tom Cruise.”

Why Tom Cruise? That’s something only Psy can answer.

Psy Loved The Elevator Scene in “Gangnam Style”

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Redditor terets: “How many times did it take to do the elevator portion of your video in Gangnam Style?”

Psy: “That was ad libbed. Nong Chul is the name of the elevator guy and he is very famous comedian in Korea. That is a very popular dirty move he has been doing for 6 years and I asked him to do it in my video. If I am underneath, it would be dirtier!”

“We only did 2-3 takes and everyone on the video set was crying from laughing. Definitely my favorite scene in the video.”

Her Ass Was Mad

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Redditor FahCough: “Why were you so mad at that girl’s ass?”

“Because her ass was so mad.”

-E.J. Judge, 92.3 NOW/New York