It’s the final night of the battle rounds with the coaches making the last cuts to their teams for next week’s Knockout Round. The night’s match ups were filled with opposite styles pitted up against each other to see which singer could prevail, plus Christina Aguilera used her final steal to make a surprising save of the night.

Team Christina :: Adriana Louise vs. Jordan Pruitt

Singing: Katy Perry “Hot N Cold”

Warm-up: With a former Disney star and an up-and-coming superstar on her team, Christina made a bold decision to put the two pop stars up against each other. Jordan may have the experience and a Disney connection with her coach, but would it be enough to edge out Adriana’s powerful vocals? In the rehearsals’ mentor Billie Joe Armstrong advised Adriana not to hold back on her voice, while Christina suggested to Jordan to take more risks in her performance.

The Battle: Adriana took the advice of Billie Joe and really let her voice shine on the high notes while Jordan came out on stage with a strong confidence not to be outdone. The coaches took notice of both ladies’ competitive vocals and left the hard decision in Christina’s hands.

The Winner: Adriana Louise

Team Blake :: Kelly Crapa vs. Michaela Paige

Singing: Joan Jett “I Hate Myself For Loving You”

Warm-up: Being the two youngest singers of the competition at 15 and 16, Kelly and Michaela walked into rehearsals with coach Blake and mentor Michael Buble eager to learn the ropes of performance. Michael urged Kelly to “sing out” her vocals and include some of her signature country twang into the classic rock song. Michaela had an easier time executing the vocals with her punk rock edge and confidence that even intimated Blake during the final rehearsal.

The Battle: Both walked out on stage with an in your face attitude and got the coaches rocking out in their seats instantly with their surprisingly complimentary, but drastically different styles. With every power note Michaela belted out, Kelly had an answer back with a strong country twist that made the song her own. In the end, however, there was one clear winner in the coaches’ minds that had more of an edge.

The Winner: Michaela Paige

Team Cee Lo :: Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne

Singing: “Titanium” David Guetta featuring Sia

Warm-up: In the battle of novice versus experienced, sometimes having professional experience gets the best of your nerves, as was the case for the Lady Gaga backup singer, Chevonne. Worried that Avery would outshine her, Chevonne lost control over her vocal runs, while Avery had trouble even hitting the high notes. Mentor Rob Thomas later gave him advice to relax and just let himself go during the performance.

The Battle: Avery really regained some of his vocal confidence back after rehearsals and let his smooth, bassy vibrato transform this pop hit into his own. The power in Chevonne’s voice enabled her to belt out those tough high notes that would later impress Christina, but in the end, Cee Lo liked Avery’s performance overall. It wasn’t the end of the road for Chevonne, however, Christina used up her last steal and saved the fiery backup singer from elimination and take her to the Knockout Round.

The Winner: Avery Wilson

-Britt Bickel, 94.7 The WAVE/Los Angeles