In creating their sixth album, the soon-to-be-released Almería, Lifehouse went about putting it all together a little differently than they had in the past.

“This last album took about a year and a half to make because we were really trying to just do something new,” frontman Jason Wade revealed. “We’re on our sixth album and we were just kind of searching for a new sound.”

Wade revealed most of the songs came from late night jam sessions.

“A lot of the songs kind of came out of these really nonchalant jam sessions that started at like 8:00, 9:00 at night,” he said. “We almost reverted to being teenagers again in our parents’ garage and just kind of fell in love with music all over again. It was a really liberating experience because we have spent a lot of time out on the road so it was nice to just kind of get back in and just try to capture some inspiration.”

That time off the road was a major part of helping to truly focus on the new album, giving Wade and the other members of the band time to retreat to their favorite creative places after a little R&R.

“When I was in my early twenties I wrote a lot on the road,” Wade said. “But things got so crazy and so busy that I find when we come off of a big tour I find that I get in a good creative head space after I take a couple of months off and then get back into the studio.”

The new Lifehouse CD, Almería, will be released on December 12th and includes their current single, “Between the Raindrops” featuring Natasha Bedingfield.

-Brad Haynes, MIX 105.1/Orlando