It’s night five of The Voice battle rounds and its a toss up between the sexes — for the most part. Some of the strongest vocalists battle it out with their counterpart, but which sex will stand out among the other?

Team Cee Lo :: Alexis Marceaux vs. Daniel Rosa

Singing: Adam LambertWhat Do You Want Form Me”

Warm-Up: Classically trained Alexis goes head to head with Daniel, who proves to be much more determined his second time around. The song choice was perfect for the two, who emit an indie vibe. Rob Thomas stopped in to offer the candidates some constructive criticism. He said that Alexis used too much diction for this particular song and needs to find her edgy rock inner sounds. Cee Lo tells Alexis that her training might put her at a disadvantage. On the other hand, Daniel needs to let go of any fears and believe in himself as he doubts he can hit the high notes. Not one to play it safe, Cee Lo tells Daniel that the real reward is in the risk taking.

The Battle: The passion that Alexis and Daniel have is initially evident as emotion drips from their vocals. The two make a dynamic pair vocally. Alexis has a softer and deeper voice than Daniel giving her a soulful feel. Daniel’s voice is distinctively unique in its ability to be both calm and raspy at the same time. He was definitely hitting all of the high notes and being as powerful as he could. Physical emotional reactions were also present in Daniel’s performance.

Winner: Daniel Rosa

Team Adam :: Brandon Mahon vs. Nicole Nelson

Singing: Marvin Gaye “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Warm-Up: Adam believes that matching up Brandon and Nicole is the recipe for a perfect duet, because Brandon is scared and Nicole is just so nurturing. Brandon revealed that the reason he is even competing is to help out his family. Mary J. helps build up Brandon’s confidence by relating to his tough upbringing. And reminding him that he has to believe that everything he went through was to get him to this moment. Will Brandon’s old soul and gift beat Nicole?

The Battle: The pair graced the stage with lots of energy and were the only competitors that looked like they were having fun during their performance. Brandon had a strong start that lasted throughout the entire song with his Motown voice and charm. His stage presence was definitely notable. Nicole also blew everyone away with her powerful high notes and ability to draw from her emotions.

Winner: Nicole Nelson

Team Christina :: Devyn DeLoera vs. MarissaAnn

Singing: En Vogue “Free Your Mind”

Warm-Up: Christina advised strong minded Devyn and MarissaAnn that they need to learn to mesh together, because they both have powerful voices and can reach high notes. The key is to find moments to be strong vocally and when to let it go. Lets see if the girls were able to play nice on the stage or will it just sound like a cat fight?

The Battle: Devyn and MarissaAnn belt out those notes channeling their team leader Christina. Both competitors have strong voices and were evenly matched. This was an impressive battle as the girls had similar sounds making the harmonies sound amazing. MarissaAnn has such a mature voice for a 15-year-old, while Devyn had a cooler approach. However, there were some moments where the vocals sounded forced and whiny.

Winner: Devyn DeLoera

STEAL: Blake is just blown away by MarissaAnn’s voice considering she is only 15-years-old and can’t pass up the opportunity to take her under his wing.

-Maria Bonello, 92.3 NOW/New York