South Korean pop singer PSY has been on everyone’s radar. At the height of his career you’d think he would be on top of the world, but he still has goals for himself that he’s yet to hit.

The “Gangnam Style” singer recently sat down 97.1 AMP/Los Angeles and revealed how all of South Korea is waiting for him to knock Maroon 5’s “One More Night” out of the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.  Peaking at No. 2, PSY has spent the last month fighting for No. 1.

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PSY is adamant about not being seen as a one hit wonder in America.  He wants to use his own talents to further his career. 

“My music video is more popular than I am, my dance moves is more popular than I am, and that’s a problem,” he said. “So what I’m thinking is, if I collaborate with someone who is more popular than I am, then people might think he or she is helping me. I don’t like [to] have that kind of image, you know?”

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He is making some celebrity friends though. 

PSY and Usher have become drinking buddies. After Usher claimed he could do “Gangnam Style” better than PSY, they tried to settle the score twice to see who the better dancer was.  A winner has yet to be determined, because one of them has been too drunk each time they battled.

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-AJ Gordon, 97.1 AMP/Los Angeles