This past weekend was pretty legendary for Grammy award winner Bruno Mars. Not only is his “Locked Out Of Heaven” video making its rounds on YouTube with almost 4 million views, the soulful singer ventured where most musicians only dream of: the stages of Saturday Night Live.

It was a win for everyone, too, as Bruno’s episode gave the late night sketch comedy show its best ratings since Lindsay Lohan hosted this past March. One of the most famous sketches? The Pandora radio skit. You won’t find this skit on any Website due to the fact that the publishing clearances for each song wasn’t cleared. If you were lucky enough to DVR the episode, it’s not one to forget as Bruno plays the part of an intern at Pandora radio who’s put on the spot when power goes out and he has to fill in for popular music stations like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson and Green Day.

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“The funny thing about the Pandora one was that was written that day, it was written on Saturday,” Bruno admits to Kiss 95.1/Charlotte. “And that’s the way it always is over at SNL. They finalize the sketch right before we go on and I didn’t know that going into this show.”  

No one could tell just hours earlier the script was still in writing mode as the singer pulled off an effortless skit.  

“Seth Meyers had the idea to do the whole Pandora thing and [he was like], ‘What songs would you sing at karaoke?’ and I just gave him a rundown and once I started understanding where the joke was going I was like, ‘Throw Bieber in there, throw Katy Perry in there, let’s milk it!'”

A true host and musical act in one, Bruno didn’t let his nerves get the best of him throughout the hour long show.  

“It’s so hard to explain what the hell goes down in that building. It was fun, amazing, stressful and nerve-racking, it was all of that combined in one.”  

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But nothing made him as nervous as the appearance of a legendary actor who barreled in with a quick, ‘I want to be part of this show,’ and suddenly he was written in.

“I was so excited to do SNL and all of the sudden Tom Hanks walks in and that was pretty amazing. Like I wasn’t nervous enough and Tom Hanks walks in!”

Nervousness aside, Bruno gave SNL one of its best episodes just in time for his media blitz surrounding the release of his new album Unorthadox Jukebox. As a songwriter, he admits he is always working, thinking of melodies, harmonies and riffs in his head.

“The blessing and the curse [to songwriting] is sometimes you just want to enjoy yourself, watch a movie, escape the world [and] all you’re thinking about is a second verse to some love song you’re trying to write.”

Bruno Mars’ sophomore album Unorthadox Jukebox will be hitting stores and online December 11.

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-Jodi Phillips / Kiss 95.1