The Internet is a savage beast. It has brought us the sweet sounds of Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen, millions of adorable cat videos, footage of violent protests around the globe, Rebecca Black and, of course, violent protests against Rebecca Black.

But as much as we all grew to love to hate Black’s teen anthem “Friday,” there was an air of sweetness that couldn’t be denied about the singer. The same can’t be said about the latest “artist” to hit the web, New York’s Gnesa.

Earlier this week Gnesa uploaded an excruciating painful to watch and listen to four minute video. Throughout the clip she is seen scantily clad in tight fitting hot pink and lime green dresses, booty shaking to the track as she puckers her makeup heavy lips. All the while she sings off key to the point that it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if someone’s ears started to bleed from listening.

Despite all these cringe-worthy elements, reviews of Gnesa have been incredulously supportive.

“This is nice, her voice is beautiful, so is her body. I like that song. So much, how amazing, in all songs I know the best,” YouTube user donspatula wrote.

Tudor Ravoiu agreed.

“You are a real angel! Romania loves you!”

As did Aleksandar Mijakovski.

“wow,she is very talented…and the song is very good indeed,” Aleksandar wrote. “I love you, and your song, and . . .wow i’m amazed by her talent…very good song indeed.”

“I’ve been waiting too long for a talent like this. I can finally rejoice that the state of music has been brought back to it’s former glory,” user TimothyDRiel added.

In fact, it seems all of the comments are extremely positive. Here are a few more:

“The music have waited you for a long time Gnesa! Now i have found a sense to my life! Amazing!” marstonforever wrote.

“Gnesa is the biggest talent ever and probably the founder of a new musical style.This song is currently the most popular here in Copenhagen in Sweden. Love” nationaldistorded said.

“i love the lyrics,” PedroRibeiroCorreia added.

What do you think of Gnesa’s new jam? Sound off in the comments section below!

-Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW/New York