Gearing up for the October 22 release of good kid, m.A.A.d city Kendrick Lamar recently sat down with 101.5 JAMZ/Phoenix and explained how he came to collaborate with Dr. Dre and when he thinks we’ll hear his music with Lady Gaga.

Kendrick admitted that he has a studio on the bus and much of the record came together while touring with Drake.

“It was just me going to a show, recording at night all the way to the morning,” he said. “[I] probably got two hours of sleep [then] got back up in the morning, do radio, do rehearsal, go to the show again at night, record, wake up and do it all over again.”

An exhausting process, Kendrick is excited for fans to hear the new album.

“It’s been a journey just knowing how far I’ve came from scratching the surface and asking bloggers to put your music up or asking can you open up for certain venue,” he said. “It’s a process and I don’t take that process for granted. I knew that I’ve developed myself and my team developed me to get to where I’m at.”

One of the tracks on the album, “Compton” features Dr. Dre and Kendrick revealed what it was like working with the rapper.

“He threw me off just the fact how humble he was. Everything else was everything I imagined as far as the music and the work ethic,” he said. “What threw me off was how humble he was because when you see these people on TV, they’re not human to you especially coming from a kid’s perspective. [I’ve been] watching Dre my whole life, but he’s a down to earth person and he just wants to work. That’s a great feeling and made me up my game 100 times more.”

Another much talked about collaboration in the works is Kendrick and Lady Gaga. While Gaga has previously explained why we won’t be seeing their track “Partynausous” on Kendrick’s record, he revealed how the two came together.

“She basically just said she’s a fan of the music and a fan of the project I just put out and she liked the work. It’s been chemistry and vibes since then,” he said.

So when can we hear what they’ve been recording?

“We have a couple records in the can. We don’t know where they’ll go but they’re in the can,” he said. “She has an album in the works and hopefully it lands a spot on that one.”

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local