"This exhibition will be the first time that the [graffiti] wall has appeared in public."

When Coldplay were in the process of creating the look and feel for Mylo Xyloto, they contracted Paris, a local artist, who not only helped to create the album’s art but ended up touring with the band to ensure everything they touched would have the same colorful aesthetic.

The idea worked. The brightly-colored graffiti-style painted graphics became one of the most memorable parts of the tour. The concept stretched across music videos, stage sets, and the now-famous electronics wristbands that were distributed to fans. The style also plays a roll in the upcoming comic book series, Mylo Xyloto.

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All of the work is now up for sale, both at the exhibition and online at online at Paris’ website, with 100% of the proceeds going to Kids Company, a children’s charity which reaches out to over 17,000 youth in London.

“Kids Company is a phenomenal organization that is very close to our hearts,” explained frontman Chris Martin. “While we were making the last album we did quite a lot of painting with our friend Paris. We built a special wall in our studio and sprayed it, wrote on it and threw things at it until it eventually became the artwork for Mylo Xyloto. This exhibition will be the first time that the wall has appeared in public.”

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“The money raised will make a big difference to some of London’s most vulnerable children,'” added drummer Will Champion.

The Mylo Xyloto exhibition will take place at Proud Galleries, in London. A full list of available art can be found here.

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— Jay Tilles, CBS Local