Bruno Mars is gearing up for his December 11 release of Unorthodox Jukebox. He released the first single last week and has quickly followed with a music video. Bucking the trends, the singer unleashed the video without any fancy premiere or behind the scenes footage. He appears to have only spoken to MTVabout the video — and he told them he’s only interested in doing things his way this time around.

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Doing things the Bruno Mars way includes Mars co-directing his video, alongside Cameron Duddy (Cody Simpson, AWOLNATION) who also directed “The Lazy Song.” The two shot largely on a soundstage and the video has no story to tell — it’s a straight live performance, interspersed with a few shots of Mars hanging around with his band. The one thing it does offer insight into is how the song will play live. Mars, the band and the crowd dance with abandon for the nearly 4 minute clip.

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The duo put effects on the finished product to make it look like you’re watching an old VHS tape. The video stutters, stops, glitches and tape lines run through it. It’s an interesting idea and embraces a retro aesthetic. We wonder if that embrace is a one-off or if the aesthetic will run through Mars’ entire project.

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-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local