It’s hard to believe that a guy like Justin Bieber wouldn’t like Halloween. For the global pop star it’s the one day a year he can wear a disguise and walk around unnoticed.

In a recent interview with 99.7 NOW/San Francisco when asked if he celebrates the holiday any differently in Canada than the U.S. the singer surprised us all.

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“I’m not really into Halloween too much,” he said.

Bieber’s girlfriend on the other hand shed some light on just why the Biebs might not enjoy Halloween. It turns out he likes to be noticed.

While promoting her new film Hotel Transylvania, Selena Gomez told Jimmy Kimmel they don’t disguise themselves when they go out.

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“You can’t. Not with him,” she confessed. “He likes to look cool. No defeating the swag.”

Despite Bieber’s dislike of Halloween Kimmel claims the most popular couple Halloween costume of last year was Selena and Justin.

“That’s pretty rad. I love that,” Selena said. “They probably look better than we do anyway.”

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-Annie Reuter, CBS Local