A rather familiair name has popped up on country singer Jerrod Niemann’s new album, Free the Music.

On Niemann’s fourth record, he teams up with Colbie Caillat for the piano-filled love song “I’m All About You.”

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After writing the ballad Niemann knew he wanted to add a female voice into the mix. Though the first name that popped into his head was Colbie’s, Niemann told CBS Local that it was just a pipedream.

“I said it jokingly,” he explained. “I didn’t think it was an option since she’s so busy [but] she was gracious enough to call back and lend her talents to the album.”

Once Colbie came on board though it wasn’t easy to get her in the studio. In fact, the two singers never stepped foot in the same room while making the song. Instead she recorded her part in her hotel while on tour with Gavin DeGraw.

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“That’s why she’s a Grammy award winner,” Neimann said. “She can take a song from Nashville and in just her hotel room take it to a whole other level.”

Neimann pointed out that it’s no easy feat to record outside of the studio where the walls are not soundproof and the buzzing of the air conditioner or the traffic noise outside could mess up a take. But her ability to make it work no matter what just showed Neimann what a professional she really is.

“Just when I thought my level of respect couldn’t get any higher for a musician,” he said. “She helped blow it through the roof.”

In addition to Niemann and Colbie’s sweet duet, also coming this month from the “Bubbly” singer will be her Christmas In The Sand holiday album, out October 23.

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Shannon Carlin and Annie Reuter, CBS Local