Most women don’t have to celebrate their wedding anniversary on live television, but most women aren’t Michelle Obama.

When the First Lady called into Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas, she spoke about the loving shout-out Barack gave her at the Presidential debate this past Tuesday (October 2) in honor of their 20th anniversary.

“It was very sweet,” she said. “But I thought to myself ‘don’t use your two minutes on that!” 

Though some have been critical of Obama’s performance at this week’s face-off with Republican candidate Mitt Romney, Michelle was proud of her husband.

“He spoke directly to the American people,” she said. “He’s proven time and again he’s the person we can trust. He has a clear plan to move this country forward.”

The First Lady admitted being President can be very stressful, but Barack somehow manages to withstand the criticism.

“Throughout his life, he has been that person who can handle multiple tasks,” she said. “He is able to work at crisis level.”

Michelle, who urged listeners to register to vote, says she likes to watch HGTV to unwind from all the election chaos. 

“There’s no political advertising on HGTV,” she explained. “Even we get tired of it.”

She says that her youngest daughter, Sasha, is a big fan of House Hunters, the show where home buyers are shown three different houses and asked to choose which one is their favorite.

“She’s already at 11 figuring out what house she wants to live in,” Michelle joked. “So she’s using this to kind of sort through the world in housing.”

The First Lady also talked about the infamous gray nail polish (Vogue by Artistic Nail Design of Beverly Hills) she wore during her speech at the DNC. She admitted she’s used to people being interested in who designed her dress or how she styles her hair, but this was the first time anyone cared about what was on her fingers. 

Even weeks after people are still going crazy over it.

“Doing the campaign trail I have people grab my hands and go, ‘It’s the nail polish!'” 

And when will the Obama’s celebrate their wedding anniversary? Michelle said they plan to celebrate this Saturday when they both have a break from the campaign trail.

Listen to the full interview with Mrs.Obama  here.

 –Shannon Carlin, CBS Local