October has come upon us, with it’s falling leaves, Pumpkin Spice lattes, candy corn Oreos and Halloween fever. Just in time, comedian Jeff Dunham is heading to Comedy Central with a new special, Minding the Monsters, airing this Sunday.

Dunham, along with his friend Walter, came by to tell CBS Local what to expect.

All of Dunham’s puppets sport a costume in Minding the Monsters, each giving joking insight into their character.

“All the other guys, we decided to pick whatever Halloween character they would want to dress up as and it was fun trying to figure out who would be what on Halloween,” Dunham said.

Walter chose Crankenstein — a cranky Frankenstein. Dunham’s other “monsters” show up as Batnut (Peanut, dressed as his own version of his alter-ego Batman), a transvestite skeleton (Achmed, dressed as an American woman), and a snaggletoothed member of the undead (Bubba J as a white trash vampire).

The special was shot in Savannah, Georgia — often referred to as the most haunted city in America. Dunham and team took the local flavor on, recreating the interior of a gothic Southern home on the stage.

“The giant set was fantastic. It’s the inside of a big haunted house, a big Victorian thing with actual Victorian furniture, spinning bookcases and opening stairs. We spared no expense.”

“One of my favorite things is the fireplace that opens up,” Walter said.

And on this special, even the props have props.

“Peanut comes out in the Nutmobile. I think that was one of the more expensive cars I’ve ever owned because it was all custom-built, radio controlled,” Dunham elaborated.

“Overall I think it’s something new and different and fun. I don’t know any other comedian who has done a monster special,” says Dunham.

“Probably a good reason for that. Good luck,” Walter taunts.

Tune in to Minding the Monsters on Comedy Central this Sunday, October 7 at 9pm ET/PT. The special is also available on DVD and BluRay.