They say that music soothes the savage beast, but it seems to be awfully important to infants as well. Last week gave us a viral video sensation of a baby who could only be calmed if the theme to Star Wars were playing. Now we have a tyke who refuses to eat unless PSY’s international hit “Gangnam Style” is blasting in the background.

Andrew Tsai, the child’s father who is a digital content coordinator for a national charity in London, writes, “As any parent knows, feeding a fussy baby can be really hard work. It would take more than an hour just to feed Benjamin lunch. I had tried all different kinds of techniques to get him to eat his vegetables without fussing, including mixing yoghurt and fruit in, and playing Sesame Street videos (which was only effective in short bursts), but none of them were nearly as effect [sic] as Gangnam Style.”

In other PSY news, this week saw the “Gangnam Style” singer make good on a promise he made a week ago to perform the song in front of a large audience, and shirtless, if the song made it to #1 on the Billboard charts. While it didn’t quite achieve that feat in regards to the Billboard Hot 100, coming in a very close second behind Maroon 5’s “One More Night,” it did manage to capture the #1 spot on Billboard’s Digital Songs Top 40, and so PSY fulfilled his promise with a striptease during a free outdoor concert in Seoul, South Korea last night. The special performance took place in an open venue outside Seoul City Hall and was attended by an estimated 80,000 fans. Click here to view photos of Psy stripping down.

-Brad Haynes, MIX 105.1/Orlando