Beyoncé has not been shy about expressing her love for Barack Obama. Recently her and hubby, Jay-Z even hosted a fundraiser for the President to raise money his re-election campaign.

In a new video for the upcoming election Beyoncé talks about why she thinks all women need to get out and vote for Obama.

“He has the story that I can tell my daughter because it shows however you start out you can do whatever you put your mind to,” she explains.

Now other female celebrities are joining Bey in not only backing the President, but also urging other women to hit the polls this November in a new campaign ad.

Here’s why these ladies are choosing to vote in this upcoming election.

Olivia Wilde
The actress, who appeared on House and in the movie Tron: Legacy, says for her it’s important that the president represents her ideals.

“I feel safer knowing my president understands the value of women rights.”

Julianne Moore
From affordable health care to the fight for equal pay, the recent Emmy winner believes that with President Obama women truly to do come first. Something she doesn’t want to see change.

“My daughter may, under a Republican administration, have a different set of opportunities and obstacles than my son.”

Jennifer Lopez
In 2008 Gallup reported that 57% of women voted for Obama over Republican nominee John McCain. J.Lo believes women could again help decide this election.

“I grew up with a strong, hardworking mom and dad and two brilliant sisters,” she says.  “I learned that from an early age that when women come together there’s nothing we can’t do.

Eva Longoria
Longoria, who spoke at this year’s DNC, fears if Obama loses the election women may lose their right to choose.

“I find such a champion in President Obama,” she said. “Which is why I passionately support him specifically because I’m a woman.”

Ashley Judd
The actress says she feels a kinship with the President and how he was raised.

“Our mom was a single parent and she had spectacular dreams for herself and us girls,” Judd says.

Sheryl Crow

The singer votes for Obama because she thinks he sees the bigger picture especially as the father to two young daughters, Sasha and Malia.

“When I hear him speak about his girls I know that what he’s thinking of is not just he future of this country but the future of all women,” she said.

Padma Lakshmi
“I’m a woman, but I don’t expect any special treatment for being a woman,” the Top Chef host explained. “What I do expect is the same treatment as a man has.”

Kerry Washington  
While Washington, who also spoke at the DNC, expressed her frustration over Mitt Romney’s choice to not support acts that would benefit women, she appreciated Obama for his help.

“There’s no way to say that this is a President that doesn’t believe in women and women’s empowerment.”

Watch the nearly 4-minute ad below and tell us why you’re voting this November.

 Gloria Steinem says it best in the clip, “If we understand our power, we can move forward.”

– Shannon Carlin, CBS Local