Back in August a studio on New York’s Upper East Side was converted to an intimate Carrie Underwood concert. Part of VH1’s Unplugged series, the singer’s set showcased her powerful vocals among some of her most popular songs.

Carrie kicked off her set with the energetic “Good Girl.” Dressed all in black in a short skirt and see-through black top and heels, Carrie looked chic.

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“Welcome to Unplugged,” Carrie said, acknowledging the audience for the first time. “It’s always fun to do stuff like this because it’s not what we’re used to.”

Carrie admitted that her and the band often realize new ways to perform the songs once they break the tracks down.

“This is one of my favorite songs,” Carrie said as she introduced “Do You Think About Me.” “There’s something so sweet and bittersweet about this song.”

The track exuded a country vibe with pedal steel, accordion, and finger-picked acoustic guitar alongside Carrie’s wavering vocals.

“So we wondered what to play,” Carrie admitted. “With four albums worth of stuff to play it’s a lot of fun to have more to pick from. We thought, with all the songs we had to get a little ‘Before He Cheats’ action!”

A dramatic turn from the bittersweet “Do You Think About Me,” Carrie proved her ability to switch gears from the softer ballads to the impassioned tales of a scorned lover.

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Familiar hit single “Before He Cheats” had the audience captivated as memorable fiddle parts and Carrie’s belts impressed.

The singer’s set took a surprising turn when she decided to cover Coldplay’s “Fix You.”

“We went to London not too long ago and we really wanted to do something from their own backyard. We wanted to pay tribute because they were so nice to welcome us there,” she said.

Having only played the song one time before live, Carrie joked “keep your fingers crossed we don’t mess up.” With soaring strings and organ the band pulled off a solid cover of the poignant track.

Carrie ended her set with current single and the title track off her album Blown Away.

“We haven’t done this one too much,” she confessed. “This is one that has so much production in the studio but it sounds cool stripped down.”

“Blown Away” had an energetic start before powerful piano and darker string features were added to the mix. Showcasing Carrie’s higher vocal register, the singer proved she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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-Annie Reuter, CBS Local