Every time Adele leaves her house, photographers are there ready to catch a glimpse of her baby bump.

Yesterday (September 27) the singer was seen walking around near her London home in black from head to toe, her color of choice when it comes to maternity wear.

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Adele looked pretty in black harem pants, converse sneakers and a ribbed sweater. She even donned a fun fur hat. Maybe she’s hoping to take the focus off of her belly, but let’s be honest we all want to know when she’s due!


The 21 singer can also be seen gracing the latest cover of Rolling Stone, on newsstands now, where fans, friends and fellow musicians sing her praises.

One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, who worked with the singer on her song “Rumor Has It,” says he was in awe of her talent the moment he met her. She nailed the song on the very first take, the only time he’s ever seen that done.

“She didn’t warm up at all, “ he said. “Her warming up is her talking, laughing and cackling.”

Aretha Franklin also talked about how important Adele is to the music world. 

“It’s been a long time since an artist like Adele has come along,” the Queen of Soul told the mag. “Carole King is the last person who wrote the kind of lyrics women immediately could relate to. I love to hear a schoolgirl on the school bus yellin’, ‘We could have had it all!’”

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Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine remembered hearing Adele sing for the first time in a small London club and knowing she was something special.

“She was there with her bass guitar and this incredible voice,” she said. “Already, that voice. Something changed in the room when she started singing. That was an amazing moment seeing her.”

Another star who loves Adele is Kelly Clarkson, who recently covered “Someone Like You” at her show in Sydney, Australia.

Clarkson even told the crowd she was worried about singing the song which was a request from fans.

“I’ve been avoiding this song,” Clarkson explained. “She’s one of the best singers of all time.”

But eventually decided it would be okay to try it. Even though she warned the crowd before starting, “Hopefully I do it justice and don’t suck.”

Check out Kelly’s version here to judge for yourself. 

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 – Shannon Carlin, CBS Local