Looks like television will be seeing a lot more of Nicki Minaj.

Already confirmed to be a judge on the upcoming season of American Idol, reports are surfacing that Nicki has a reality show in the works.

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When asked about her reality show future Nicki told Perez Hilton it’s not out of the cards.

“That I’m going to keep a secret for now,” she said. “I thought I’d never do something like that, not saying I am still. I’m still considering.”

Her Barbz will be thrilled to know that it sounds like Nicki is more than considering a longer stint on TV.

“But, I will say that I find the more people see, is the more they understand, and then it’s the more they like you. If you only have such one-dimensional things to go off of like rumors, then you kind of never get to know the artist,” she said. “When you pull them in your world, they see you as a real person. I’m not running away from it anymore.”

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On the heels of being asked to join American Idol, 2012 seems to be Nicki’s year.

“It’s a milestone for me; it’s a milestone for hip-hop; it’s a milestone for young black women,” Nicki told MTV News of her new job as judge. “Has there ever been a black woman [judging] on the show? This is a show that 20 million people watch so I feel like we should be represented on that show and I’m very proud of my decision to do it.”

Currently celebrating the release of her perfume and new single, Nicki Minaj shows no signs of slowing down.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local