It’s official; the saga of Jennifer Lopez’s first marriage will not be turned into a movie.

Two years ago J.Lo was sued by her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, for interfering with a movie being made about his life. The film, which was given the working title of I Owe JLo, would focus on his relationship with his ex-wife who he married in 1997 and soon divorced the following year.

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Jennifer was not interested in her dirty laundry hitting the small screen—the film was supposed to air on Telemundo—so she sent Noa, along with his business partner, Ed Meyer and producer Claudia Vazquez, cease-and-desist letters, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Vazquez, who is also reportedly Noa’s girlfriend, sued Lopez for $10 million claiming Jennifer was interfering with the contract she had made with Telemundo, who had put money into the production.

Though, J.Lo tried to strike the lawsuit, a Los Angeles judge for the Second District Court of Appeals ruled that Vasquez’s claims were valid and that the suit would go on.

But as of yesterday (September 24), the court ruled that Noa is not entitled to millions of dollars and cannot go on with his movie. It was also ruled that Vasquez has no rights to the source material.

Previously, Jennifer has stopped production of several projects citing the agreement the couple signed that would not allow him to disclose personal details of their short marriage.

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After the two called their marriage quits they continued working together as business partners. Noa even worked at a restaurant that Jennifer owned.

Over the years though, Noa has tried to get his story out there pitching a tell-all book, then romantic comedy film about his life that would talk about his former wife and lastly a documentary on their relationship that would include a honeymoon video featuring a (supposedly) naked Jennifer.

As of now the case between Jennifer and Vasquez has been sent back to the trial court to figure out if Vasquez is responsible for paying the singer’s legal fees.

Vazquez can also make another appeal to the courts for what she says is making her “radioactive” and making it impossible for her to find work in Hollywood. No word yet if she will do so.

Jennifer has not released a statement about the court case.

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Shannon Carlin, CBS Local