It’s a new week on The Voice and Blake Shelton can’t wait to tell some men they’re hot (and we like it)! We’re on the sixth episode of blind auditions and some people still don’t have full teams, can you believe? Tonight, more hot voices get picked up.

Contestant: Michelle Brooks-Thompson
Sings: Ike & Tina Turner “Proud Mary” (originally written and recorded by John Fogerty for Creedence Clearwater Revival but let’s not kid ourselves, she’s doing Tina)

I think Michelle’s story may have been sad but honestly I glossed over a bit on what she was saying because I loved her purple dress so much. Adam Levine and CeeLo pushed for her before the good part of the song even kicked in, her voice is that strong. When the jam really hit the fan, Blake yelled at Christina Aguilera to push for her but Xtina doesn’t want to be in a box country music guy! By the last note, she pushed. In fairness, CeeLo deserves to land Michelle for his team because he seemed most into it.
Joins Team: Adam…WHAT?

Contestant: Diego Val
Sings: Neon Trees “Animal”

Diago has a sexy South American accent, one of Jared Leto’s past haircuts and Buddy Holly’s glasses. He had a rough childhood that involved being hospitalized so now he’s a member of Musicians On Call and sings to kids who are stuck in the hospital which just couldn’t be sweeter. Oh my god, he still has the sexy accent when he sings — and he’s turned this Neon Trees song it’s some kind of samba paradise that’s partly in Spanish. If no one turns around so I don’t get to keep seeing him in battle rounds this will be the biggest travesty of the season. Lucky CeeLo pushes so I don’t have to stop watching now. Xtina’s gonna be bummed when she sees how hot he is. She knows it too, threatening to snatch him up later when the judges get to use their steals.
Joins Team: CeeLo by default

Contestant: Lauren Brooke
Sings: Carrie Underwood “Cowboy Casanova”
Lauren was dyslexic and it really just makes me wish that the blind auditions were over already so we could feel slightly happier. Things get genuinely sad when she makes herself cry talking about her biggest fan, her uncle, passing away. She moved to Nashville, from New York state, to do country music and is very much rocking the country style outfit. The thing is, she doesn’t have the right accent to sing country — and the accent is really important. She’s got a great voice, but sounds a big nervous, swallowing her words here and there and getting pitchy as the performance goes on but no judges turn. Sadly no one pushes and someone really needs to tell her country isn’t going to happen. Hard to say exactly what but something is not right here.
Joins Team: tragically rejected

Contestant: Suzanna Choffel
Sings: Fleetwood Mac “Landslide”

Aha a music teacher! This is in tribute to her students, who she wants to follow their dreams. For the toddlers, that almost certainly means chasing around puppies and eating a lot of crackers which I am not against. She’s doing a very Dixie Chicks inspired take on “Landslide” that is deep and lovely. Adam notices right away and pushes for her. She’s got that same lower-register rasp that is a trademark to Stevie Nicks and frankly it gives me chills. Blake agrees and pushes for her, but least in part (I think) because she’s got a Texas accent timbre in her “Ooohs.” Only a small man-fight between Adam and Blake. Just a tiny one. Hard pick since she had both in her “vision.”
Joins Team: Blake 

Compilation of people Blake picks up: girl with a mohawk and over-emotive guy who sings demos for artists.

Contestant: Dez Dyron
Sings: Hall & Oates “Sara Smile”

Hey, this guy is back from season 2! The Yale football player who did the Backstreet Boys! Homie’s got a darn good attitude about not being picked and now he’s back for more. I’m fascinated by this guy’s taste in music. First it was BSB, this time around he’s on the Hall & Oates tip. Must be an old soul. Blake pushes right away and recognizes him warmly. The camera can’t get enough of looking at Xtina and even though Blake tries to dissuade her from pushing she does. Aw yeah, she remembers him. CeeLo can’t help pushing too as he smiles awhile. Yalie is SO EXCITED that he’s on The Voice! Ladies are so excited that he’s a hottie, the screaming is insanity. When he says he needs a car Xtina and every woman in the studio volunteer to give him a ride.
Joins Team: Christina and after that hard sell who could blame him

Contestant: VJ
Sings: CeeLo “Forget You”
We’ve already seen someone sing a judge’s song for them once this season, but it takes a certain sense of bravery to do it. I mean, you’re basically asking that judge to pick you and telling the other three WHATEVER when you do that. This guy is going to rock it in a bowtie, so let’s hope he’s worked up a nice, different, weird version of the song to blow CeeLo’s doors off. He’s doing it in a falsetto, okay but not great, and you can see CeeLo really listening. Xtina heard the first few bars and you knew she wasn’t gonna push. CeeLo shakes his head in the middle, indicating that this is not his jam in a way he meant it to be done. Adam’s smiling a lot but not pushing. No turns but CeeLo does compliment his great taste in music. Oh and then gets up to sing it with him, which is awesome.
Joins Team: rejected but dang excited to have sung with CeeLo!

Contestant: Alexis Marceaux
Sings: Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”

Her family is from New Orleans and the absolutely unspeakable horror of Hurricane Katrina is invoked. This might be the most genuinely heartbreaking moment of the night. After that, she used music to vent and express what she’s been feeling. I’d like to see that all on the stage when she picks up the mic. True to her word, she picks one of the most angry songs in the Fleetwood Mac break up catalog. It takes a minute, but CeeLo pushes and it’s hard to imagine her, with those great glasses frames and that style on any one else’s team. She proves it when she hits on him back, then Blake jumps in to tell her she’s sexy and things get a little weird.
Joins Team: CeeLo by default

Montage of people picked but not fully shown. Adam picks up what they call an indie rocker (whatever that means, honestly can’t tell from how little of his song we hear). Xtina gets a strong voiced Latin singer lady. And Blake gets a pretty badass sounding singer/songwriter girl who reminds him of his wife, Miranda Lambert.

Contestant: Brandon Mahone
Sings: The Temptations “I Wish It Would Rain”

This guy makes Chicago sound like a rough city. Gang bangers, fights, dramz. This seems like a non sequitur though so onward to the performance! Brandon said he was influence by the oldies and so he comes right out with a ’60s Temptations song. Adam is first to push, miles ahead of everyone else. CeeLo follows though ’cause this kid has a golden voice. Xtina can’t deny and pushes as well. He fails to pull a complete and get Blake, but the kid’s got options.
Joins Team: Adam, who probably got him with the “you’re a real soul singer” line — and he’s not wrong

Contestant: Jeffrey James
Sings: Elvis Presley “A Little Less Conversation”
I love that this guy parks cars and does the old “leave your demo in the car” trick in Nashville. If that would work anywhere, Nashville is it. He might dress like he works in a funeral home but the guy has a good voice (even if he sounds a little nervous). Also, the judges can’t see, but he’s GREAT at the “need to pee” dance. There are a lot of pursed lip smiles from the judges so it appears this isn’t going to go Jeffrey’s way. Sadly, no one turns. Even his vest couldn’t get him some Blake love.
Joins Team: yeah, this guy is making P.O.ed face

Montage of people who weren’t picked and the reject lines. Yeah…there’s a reason they didn’t show these people in full.

Contestant: Jordan Pruitt
Sings: Katy Perry “The One That Got Away”

Jordan is a child singing prodigy. I won’t even tell you, let’s just say she had a record deal with Disney. She’s been on tour with the Cheetah Girls, Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens. She just turned 21 and left her deal for more mature fields, understandably. But the way she talks is so industry. Like, who else on this show is dreaming of a #1 hit on Billboard? Can you be jaded at 21? Then again, Adele…right? But wait, she’s singing a Katy Perry song. This is more mature? So confusing. Doesn’t matter, Xtina’s loving of Katy Perry singers takes over and she pushes with glee. And she is EXACTLY the judge Jordan wanted.
Joins Team: Xtina by default

Serious question: why is Adam being so darn nice to everyone tonight?

Contestant: Theresa Griffin
Sings: Adele “Someone Like You”
We’ve got a real spark plug in this contestant. Long story short, she worked for Jerry Butler. If you don’t know his music, shut down and Google it now. The man has the most beautiful voice EVAR. Her game plan: let them have it and leave it on the stage. Sounds good, so how does she do? Well she brings the attitude but picks a really, really hard Adele song. The audience is lapping it up from the start, clapping to her before the first breakdown even comes. After she starts to really bring it, Blake is straight up YELLING at Xtina to push. It’s ridic. So she does, because it’d be dumb not to and Blake was already (self-admittedly) dumb once before so he pushes too. No lie, it made me tear up. Damn you Adele.
Joins Team: Blake and he worked HARD for it so hells yes to that

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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