With all the glitz and glamour she has encountered during her reign of (The) Fame, it’s hard to believe that her rap lyrics are not about a day in the fabulous life of Gaga.

Gaga’s producer, DJ White Shadow, prompted fans earlier this week via Tweeter to create lyrics for a “Trap” beat he mixed. Trap is a sub-genre of rap where an 808 Roland drum machine is used on the beat and vocals are resampled and the pitch is adjusted to extreme levels.

The beat went up on his SoundCloud as he waited for the best song to roll in.

After a few hours later DJ White Shadow uploaded the finished song, claiming that the winner of the contest wished to remain anonymous.

The vocals were slow and slurred or pitched-down so that the rapper could not be identified. Cleverly, a random fan decided to re-upload the song, but with pitch levels adjusted back to normal revealing a female vocalist. It turned out to be none other than Lady Gaga, who had made her rap debut.

No one knows for certain if this track will be featured on her upcoming album ARTPOP. But one is for sure, this is just a slice of what’s to come from the pop queen.

-Maria Bonello, 92.3 NOW/New York