In last week’s two day premiere of the X Factor, a few of the remaining contestants stood out, although it may not have been for the right reasons.You can check out our two day season premiere recap here.

First out of the gate though, the video you HAVE to see of Britney Spears singing happy birthday to LA Reid.

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This week’s contestants knocked it out of the park with their star-studded talent. But of course, every episode has to have its own share of crazy. One outrageously obnoxious guy really struck a nerve with the judges and left the show in hand-cuffs.

These judges sure do have their hands full on their search for the next big talent. Here are last night’s contestants!

Contestant: Rizzloe Jones
Sings: Original Freestyle Rap
This 18-year-old from Kansas City, Missouri shocked the judges and had the audience on their feet with his immense energy and rhyme flow. The recent high school graduate, asked the judges for random subjects to rap about to prove his ability to spit on the spot. Words such as “X Factor” and “Marshmallow” were to be incorporated in the piece as well a witty “Opps I Did It Again” reference.
Judges Take: “I felt like you were a young Vanilla ice ice baby. And I liked it a lot,” said Britney Spears.
Verdict: Unanimous Yes

Contestant: CeCe Frey
Sings: The Righteous Brothers “Unchained Melody”
With leopard print covering her face, she walked on stage with a cocky, but confident attitude. Initially, she was given looks half way through her performance by Demi Lavato. But in the end hit the high notes that the judges were looking for.
Judge’s Take: “I love that you have attitude, style and passion,” said LA Reid.
Verdict: Unanimous Yes

Contestant: Vino Alan
Sings: Ray LaMontagne “Trouble”
This 35-year-old from Texas is known for performing in front of the military. His emotions were running high and he dedicated his performance to his 15-year-old son. At first the judges, as well as the audience, were intimidated by his multiple tattoos,but they were taken by surprise.
Judge’s Take: “There is something unique about your voice that I haven’t heard yet,” said Demi Lovato.
Verdict: Unanimous Yes

Contestant: Joe DeAngelo
Sings: Chris Brown “With You”
This wanna-be annoyed the judges from the start with his arrogance and wisecracks. His singing wasn’t any better. The judges didn’t give him a chance to finish his shrieking. They just paraded him off the stage. That wasn’t even the worst part. Joe stole the X Factor microphone that is worth $3000. The police were called and he was arrested, all while he was still singing!
Judge’s Take: All walked off stage…
Verdict: All No’s, All Day

Contestant: Tate Stevens
Sings: Randy Houser “Anything Goes”

This 37-year-old cowboy from Missouri had a whole lot of personality and a whole lot of vocals. He completely blew the judges away by the way he carried the tune. It was obvious by the all the cheers that he is going to be a crowd favorite.
Judge’s Take: “I’m going to be listening to your record over and over again one day,” said Demi Lovato.
Verdict: Unanimous Yes

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Contestant: Citizen
Sings: En Vogue “Don’t Let Go”
This cute group of five guys from Texas took the judges back in time to the ’90s. Although the guys had good harmonies, there was no comparison to the Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC. Yes, they could melt ladies’ hearts, but they lacked energy. They didn’t bring it all to the table.
Judge’s Take: “I think you guys rocked out there,” said Britney Spears.
Verdict: All but 1 No

Contestant: Diamond White
Sings: James Brown “It’s A Man’s World”
This 13-year-old brought great energy and spirit to her performance. From the sound of her deep, powerful voice you could instantly tell that she has real talent. The crowd, as well as all the judges, adored her. Eespecially Simon.
Judge’s Take: “You sang this song, ‘It’s A Man’s World’ and you proved it clearly isn’t. I absolutely loved it,” said Simon Cowell.
Verdict: Yes across the board

Contestant: Ally Brooke
Sings: Jaci Velasquez “On My Knees”
This 19-year-old from Texas was a real crowd pleaser. Her voice is sensual and soulful. And when the music stopped, she went on singing a capella. She was impressive and promising.
Judge’s Take: “I have a feeling we are looking at a future star. I feel it,” said Simon Cowell.
Verdict: Unanimous Yes

Contestant: Normani Hamilton
Sings: Aretha Franklin “Chain of Fools”
This 15-year-old really brought it to the stage. Her voice was full of the soul and attitude that’s needed to carry her into the next round of the competition.
Judges Take: “Your performance was incredible and I think you really do have the IT factor,” said Demi Lovato.
Verdict: Unanimous Yes

Contestant: Sister C
Sings: Pistol Annies “Hell on Heels”
This country trio of sisters from Texas is reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks with their southern twang.
Judges Take: “I’ve been looking for a group like this for a long time,” said Simon Cowell.
Verdict: Yes across the board

Contestant: Jeremiah & Josh
Sings: Jeremiah & Josh “Now Life Starts”…An Original
These 22-year-olds from Texas have smooth harmonies and raw talent. It’s clear they have the ability to work hard and create original pieces of music.
Judges Take: “Your voices are magical. When you sing you have a nice soothing sound and I wish you could wake me up in the morning,” said Britney Spears.
Verdict: All Yes

Contestant: Jessica Espinoza
Sings: Pink “Nobody Knows”
This 22-year-old from the South Side of San Antonio, TX received a standing ovation from the crowd after she sang her heart out. Her performance was extremely powerful and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Hearing the pain in her booming voice sent chills down your spine.
Judges Take: “I didn’t like it…I loved it! I love you. I love everything about you. I love the fact that you come out here whatever your background, whatever hardship you had, you came out here you sang for your life. And for 22-years-old, with that kind of emotion, that rawness, that power. It’s distinctive. My favorite audition today by far,” said Simon Cowell.
Verdict: All Yes

Contestant: Panda Ross
Sings: Sam Cooke “Bring it On Home”
This 42-year-old sang specifically to Simon aka her baby daddy. Not even seven days in the hospital with Pneumonia could keep her away from the stage and a chance to pour her heart out to her boo. The audience rose to their feet as her mighty voiced filled the venue. All the excitement, however, caused her to relapse. Panda had to be carried out on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital.
Judges Take: “Panda you sound like a legend. I mean that voice. I absolutely love you. I always wanted a Panda,” said Simon Cowell.
Verdict: Unanimous Yes

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