Nelly Furtado claims “we ain’t doing nothing,” in her new song “Parking Lot,” but her video suggests otherwise.

Wearing a hot pink jacket and leopard pants, Furtado struts around in a parking lot packed with customized Mini Coopers and onlookers. Furtado took to Twitter and shared her favorite car from the video.

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It doesn’t take long before Nelly starts dancing in this video, but this isn’t your typical dance. Sticking with the parking lot theme, Furtado and the onlookers dance with their arms out like they are each driving cars while she sang, “Bring your car to the parking lot and ride all night till you get a spot.”

Directed by Ray Kay, who also directed Britney Spears’ “Til the Word Ends” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” Furtado and her crew definitely found plenty of parking spots to make this video.

In the behind the scenes cut, Furtado talked about the making of this video. “We vibed it out in front of the chain-link fence and then we got on top of the car for some more jamming out,” she said.

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This video is packed with jamming, and although Nelly credits her dancers for making this video a success, she also took a moment to show off cars that weren’t as noticeable in the video, including one covered in faux-fur, Christmas lights, one that was inspired by Barbie and another that looked like a baby tiger.

“This is video is going to have some special effects,” said Furtado. “We’re going to have some real interesting, cute creations with headlights. It’s going to be kind of surreal.”

Was it surreal for you? Watch the full video now.

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-Ashley Quadros, 100.5 NOW/Sacramento