First Lady Michelle Obama, an advocate of healthy lifestyle and good music, showed off her old-school rap cred with a rendition of a few hip-hop classics. 

While speaking with 102 JAMZ/Orlando, Mrs. Obama aka FLOTUS implored young voters to exercise their right to the ballot box ( When she was asked for her favorite workout tunes, the First Lady broke out in a rendition of recently deceased rapper Heavy D‘s 1989 hit “We Got Our Own Thang.” [Listen here.] 

She followed-up the Ol’ School sound with another classic.

“And ‘Treat ‘Em Right,’ by Chubb Rock,” she said. “A little Chubb Rock, a little Heavy D. That’s on my iPod. That’s some of my ‘Get me going music’.”

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Along with her Let’s Move! initiative, in which she encourages children to exercise and eat healthy foods, the First Lady has used music to help her cause.  

In early September, Mrs. Obama closed her Democratic National Convention speech with the sound of Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied,” from B’s 2006 album, B’Day. However, the version of the song that played was a Beyonce remix called “Move Ya Body,” created to support the Let’s Move! campaign. 

Despite her affinity for hip-hop sounds, Eric Benet said FLOTUS offered him the highest compliment, after meeting her backstage in July.

“It was very cool meeting her,” Eric Benet toldCBS Local. “She told me that she is my greatest fan and that there is not a time when she’s flying in a plane or helicopter when she is not listening to one or all of my CDs.” 

At the White House Correspondents dinner, which took place in April, President Obama pointed to Michelle as an fan of Young Jeezy‘s, who rapped “My President,” a song heavily criticized by Fox News pundits for it’s chorus: “My president is black/ My Lambo is blue/ And I’ll be goddamn if my rims ain’t too.”   

“In my first term, I sang Al Green,” President Obama said at the dinner. “In my second term I’m going with Young Jeezy. Michelle said yeah,” he continued, echoing Jeezy’s trademark, yeeeeeeah ad lib. “I sing that to Michelle sometime.”

Surely, she sings a few songs of her own right back.

Listen to FLOTUS give her brief rendition of Heavy D’s “We Got Our Own Thang” here.  Watch “We Got Our Own Thang” on YouTube. Watch “Treat ‘Em Right” on YouTube. —Erik Parker, CBS Local