No Doubt just released their latest in a series of behind the-scenes webisodes chronicling the making of their highly anticipated return to rock, Push And Shove.

Guitarist Tom Dumont begins the piece by describing a rather bittersweet final day of recording followed by talk of what could be their most powerful song since “Don’t Speak;” a ballad titled “Undone.”

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As the video rolls on and the tone becomes more serious, a button on the YouTube player dashboard captures my attention. With an unfamiliar icon, the inconspicuous little button had been hiding among the others for who knows how long. A quick mouse-over revealed the words “Interactive Transcript.” With an index suddenly finger pulled down as covered in lead, it took only a single click of the mouse to turn the otherwise unassuming video into a laugh-out-loud comedy and one of Google’s funniest fails. (Google owns YouTube)

A few highlights:

What Adrian Young said: “Rather than playing a typical ballad groove, we decided to let the drums sit out for a long time.”

What Google thinks he said: “Rather than playing keno into global ballad, really we decided to let the drum set out for a long time.”

What Tony Kanal said: “We went through the next few months and it was really exciting. We’re really putting this record out. We’re really about to play shows again.”

What Google thinks Tony said: “We went through recent months since rudenstine related really question again.”

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What Gwen Stefani said: “I’m ready. Ready to be done. The whole process has been a lot of fun. I actually really enjoyed myself, not in a huge rush to get it out as you can see.”

What Google thinks she said: “Questions again. Sells unread right for process Alaska.  Accident so not just interested in a fee.”

Generally speaking, most of the transcription could be tied to particular words that sound somewhat similar. But, such was not the case with Tom’s Dumont’s final line; “This one’s pretty honest,” which was simply transcribed as “fruit arson.”

No Doubt’s Push And Shove will be available everywhere September 25th.

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local

To view the full transcription, view the webisode on YouTube.

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