Maroon 5 is calling on their fans to help them with their next video for the single “Daylight.”

The band is once again pairing with famed director Jonas Akerlund (“Moves Like Jagger”) for what is being called The Daylight Projectwhere fans may submit their own clips and possibly end up a part of Maroon 5 history. But not just anything can be a part of what they’re creating, the guys are asking only for moments or stories that are personal in nature.    

Need more inspiration of what to send Adam Levine and the rest of the band?  Luckily there is a whole list of what they would like to see come in from fans. Some of the ideas for the project include: film someone or yourself upset or crying, film yourself forgiving someone for what they did, film yourself or someone else making out and film yourself or someone else talking about your fantasies.   

Check out the entire list here

Submissions for Maroon 5’s new video are being accepted between now and October 1st.

– Heather Stas, CBS Local